The Aegis Security Story (Part 1)

As the inaugural blog post for Aegis Security, I wanted to take a moment and share our company story as well as our vision and the background of the management team. Prior to starting the company I have had extensive training and experience in the world of physical security. Over the years I have had numerous interactions with loss prevention personnel, armed and unarmed security guards, alarm companies, patrol services, federal, state, and local law enforcement, and international security companies outside of the United States. Alarmingly, I have seen the same issues with contracted security services in Baghdad as I have back in the United States. The professionalism exhibited by the front-line employee is often not there. This is not to say that there are not stellar security guards out there, but the lack of professionalism in this industry can be startling.

In December of 2016, after 20 years in the military and a decade of law enforcement service, I was looking to start something new. When contemplating what exactly I wanted to do, I was given the (rather solid) advice that, whatever it was, it should be in an area where I had significant experience and an area that needed significant change. Almost immediately I thought about my experience with security and how my experiences led me to believe this was an increasingly complacent sector in need of real change.

I immediately began to brainstorm ideas of how to not only start my own company, but to create a company that provided unquestionably better security. I remember standing at the island in my kitchen writing down ideas and areas where I had information gaps that would need further research. The next day I approached Marcus Sell, another supervisor where I worked and an exceptionally talented researcher. I showed him the now typed listed of questions and ideas I had come up with the previous evening and asked for his assistance in filling in my knowledge gaps. To my surprise, he took one look at the list and told me that he had recently been considering doing the same thing.

Over the next few months we began researching the various details of starting our own business as well as looking at the current security market. We both had extensive security backgrounds and knew the area had a lot of room for improvement. I have always been a fan of Tesla and liked using their tiered business strategy. Essentially, we would start with top-of-the line services by contracting only sworn police officers. The officers we decided to use not only went through one of the longest police academies in the nation, but also would be required to have at least a year and half of experience before we would even consider using them. After we developed this part of our business we would look at branching out into lower cost segments of the market such as unarmed security.

We launched our company, Aegis Security and Investigations LLC, in March of 2017. Much like any new business, initially we had a slow start. We focused on providing unmatched service to our clients. One example of this in particular comes to mind. I was out of town, and I received word that an officer we had scheduled to work was backing out at the last minute. We had founded our company on the idea that we would provide an unmatched level of service and now it looked as if we would be unable to fill one of our first assignments. Marcus, who was literally driving with his wife on their way to a date night, rushed home and changed into a uniform (we are both still sworn police officers) and provided the contracted security to our client. This level of dedication let me know we had made the right decision. As the owners and founders we were willing to step in and do anything to meet our customers’ needs. We were, and are, determined to provide a level of service that is unparalleled.

In the next post, Marcus will recount his version of events as well as share his company vision. We are currently in the process of developing and launching several new services where we will be able offer a superior service at a competitive price. Stay tuned!

Dan Truex

Dan has extensive security experience in a variety of fields. In his over twenty years as a Marine and Soldier he has multiple deployments throughout both the United States as well as the globe. In the military he has risen to the rank of Command Sergeants Major which has given him a unique perspective on all levels of security operations. Dan also has over a decade of law enforcement experience that includes experience in property crimes (loss prevention), as a detective in multiple units, and he currently serves as a supervisor in the Special Victims Section for the Lexington Police Department.


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