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We offer a full spectrum of security services to meet your needs.  We can provide unarmed security guards, sworn police officers, or a blended combination of both.  Whatever your security needs, Aegis Security and Investigations has the personnel and experience to solve your problem.

Unarmed Security Specialists

Here at Aegis, there is nothing "basic" about our services.  Our Unarmed Security Specialists are highly trained to provide top notch unarmed security services.  These security professionals are experts in their field.  They come to you well trained with knowledge in interpersonal communication skills, site security, and most importantly customer service.

We ensure the highest quality through higher wages and specialized training designed to fit your individual needs.

Armed Security Specialists


Our Armed Security Specialists are trained and certified with all weapons they carry.  They are trained in first aid / CPR, interpersonal communication skills with an emphasis on deescalation, threat assessments, security planning, and providing a pleasant and safe environment for you and your guests.  

(859) 317-8080

Sworn Police Security


We provide the finest Lexington has to offer in security.  By only using sworn police officers to fulfill these contracts, we can offer well trained and experienced security with the ability to take immediate legal action.  This helps to ensure your safety, your guests' safety, and your property's safety.

Patrol Services

Patrol Services offers you a cost efficient way to maintain regular site security by a mobile security professional.  You will have access to GPS and QR code technology to ensure our personnel are keeping the promises made to you.  You will be able to monitor exactly when, where, and what our professionals patrolled and inspected during their shift giving you the peace of mind you signed up for.


Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring is a cost effective security solution for many locations.  Our Security Monitors are trained to take immediate action upon observing suspicious activity.  Emergency services and designated personnel will be contacted to protect your property and personnel from harm.



Phone: (859) 813-0045

Email:   info@aegisky.com

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